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Auro Technical School, Tororo, Eastern Uganda, Uganda
Auro FoundationAuro FoundationAuro Foundation




We invest in projects that have long term benefits for the communities we serve. We have a broad and sustainable funding base and we build strong internal capacity. We are committed to working with local stakeholders, developing real buy in and ensuring that we create a self-sufficient and independent organization.

Value for money

We ensure that every shilling, pound and dollar is well spent and accounted for. We understand the importance of 100% transparency and we use our donations in the most effective way possible.


We believe wholeheartedly in the ability of our students and staff. We find ways to bring out the best in them and insist on each person taking personal responsibility.


We are impeccable in all that we do. We say what we mean, and we do what we say. We respect and honor our work and we do the right thing…every time.

Holistic education

We promote a rounded approach to education, one that nurtures the mind, body and spirit of our staff and students. We are committed to their overall well being and creating an atmosphere of happiness, love and fulfillment.