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Auro Technical School, Tororo, Eastern Uganda, Uganda
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The V.Q is 2km walking distance from the school with motorbikes (boda-bodas) available to hail and hire to take you around.
Are there hospitals in the vicinity and how far is the nearest medical support?
The nearest medical support is in Tororo town which is about 30 minutes away and a general referral hospital in Mbale town which is 40 minutes away, however it is advisable to have medical insurance done before you come to the country.
Auro Technical School’s classes start from 8-4:40 Monday to Friday
Will there be some time that can be allocated to allow the volunteers carry out trainings with the students?
Adjustments can be made to the timetable to make accommodation for the lessons offered to the students.
The native language of Tororo is Japadola, however most residents of the area are well conversant with English and Auro technical school is an English medium school.
We have use mobile connectivity with 2G to 3G from telecommunication companies using local network sim cards that can be arranged for.
It is very safe for the volunteers to move around the place especially during the day, as the whole community is very welcoming and hospitable to visitors as they are to their own.
Tororo has no health scares or had any outbreaks from your immigration offices.
There are lots of effective ways to get your past volunteers to rate their experiences with you. You can find them through our organization’s profile page on Facebook. You can also e-mail our past volunteers asking them to write a review about our organization.

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