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Auro Technical School, Tororo, Eastern Uganda, Uganda
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Make a financial contribution to support our students live sustainable, happy and fulfilling lives


So far we have successfully hosted over 35 volunteers from the USA, India, Italy, Germany, Romania, UK, Australia and France.
About us

Auro Foundation

“Auro Foundation is a not-for-profit organization that is committed to providing young adults the opportunity to access education. We operate a vocational college in a remote and rural part of eastern Uganda near Tororo (Auro Technical School). We serve 200 students, teaching carpentry, bricklaying, tailoring, hairdressing and catering skills. We target the most vulnerable members of society. Our commitment is that our students learn the practical skills to become self-sufficient and they also receive the love, guidance and nurturing that will empower them to live meaningful, happy and responsible lives.”

Auro Foundation programmes

Auro Technical School provides a range of practical programs designed to support our students with sustainable forms of income on graduation, along with extensive extracurricular activities. This ensures that our students receive a holistic education, to develop their physical, emotional and mental skills.

Tailoring and fashion design

Bricklaying and concrete practice

Hair dressing and salon management

Catering and hotel management

Carpentry, joinery and furniture design

Job placements

Music, Dance and Drama

Taekwondo class

Community Engagement Activities

Yoga & Well Being

Character Building Classes

Guidance Sessions

Teacher Training

Student’s Internship

Mathematics Support- JD Booster


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For any inquiries relating to Whether you are a donor, volunteer or well-wisher, contact us with the details listed below” should be changed to “Whether you are a donor, volunteer, or well-wisher, contact us with your enquiries.

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Auro Technical School, Tororo, Eastern Uganda

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