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Auro Technical School, Tororo, Eastern Uganda, Uganda
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Auro Foundation programmes

Vocational programmes

All the programs we offer are 1-year qualifications accredited by the Government of Uganda Department of Industry and Trade. Our graduated students leave with a recognized certificate with which they can either get a job or start their own business in their craft.

Tailoring & fashion design

The tailoring and garment cutting course aims at equipping students with skills to create garment combinations of line, proportion, colour, and texture. Students learn the key elements of sewing and pattern-making and cover a series of topics ranging from how to use a variety of machines and means of technologies, taking of measurements, product design and development, fashion illustration, design adaption and the use of diverse textiles across various styles and garments.

Bricklaying & concrete practice

This course provides students training in plastering, bricklaying, roofing and finishing designs. Students learn how to use a range of manual and electrical tools and how to develop technical drawings. They learn a range of topics including bonding solutions, blockwork, pillar development, rendering, plastering, roughcast, tile work, concrete work, and materials handling.

Carpentry, Joinery & Furniture Design

This course supports our students learn carpentry and joinery work. Students learn how to make a range of objects including; antique-style pen broke tables, traditional oak tool cabinets, modern paneled doors, windows, chairs, school desks, benches, cupboards, office furniture, book shelves office desks, pen bloke table, bent wood chair, laminated chairs, folded tables, folded chairs, draw leaf tables and all kinds of curves and designs. We also train students how to make roof houses, making shutter rings and form works for labs and floors.

Catering & Hotel Management

The catering and hotel management course covers the subjects of food and beverage service, food and nutrition, food production, hygiene and microbiology, front-office operations and customer service. Students learn how to safely prepare and transport food, how to advise and consult with clients, how to market and how to provide professional service.

Hair Dressing & Salon Management

This course is aimed at providing students the skills and knowledge that are expected of a hair stylist. Our students learn how to shampoo the hair, blow dry hair, set hair, cut hair, colour hair, advise and consult with clients, promote retails sales and communicate with colleagues. The course covers a wide range of skills from the creation of a hairstyle collection and salon management.

Job creation activities

It is important for us to support our students with activities which will make it easier for them to get a job at the end of there year with us. Auro Foundation carries the following activities to empower our students.

Student internship

We enroll our students for one-month fulltime placement internship in various companies. This exposes our students to the working world, provides them with hands-on skills and introduces them to potential employers. Our students are given the opportunity to apply their knowledge and be mentored and supervised by external professionals. All teachers also actively participate in the supervision of the students. At the end of the program, the companies provide a report with feedback on the student’s performance which together with the teachers’ review while supervising contributes to the student’s assessment report.

Job Placements

Auro Foundation is are committed that the theoretical education that we provide, is applied in practice and leads to employment for our students. We support students find the right employer or with the support they may need start up their own business if that is their preference.

Auro foundation has developed strong relationships with a range of employers including garment manufacturers, construction companies and we actively support the process where our students can successfully be interviewed by the employers and gain the jobs. This project has been very successful and, in our experience, so far, about 85% of our graduating students find jobs, and 10% will start their own self-sufficient businesses.

Starter kits

Where possible we also provide some of our student’s small start-up funds where they are given the basic tools and materials such as sewing machines and wheel barrows, cement and measuring equipment where they have all the key things that they need to start their new lives.

Guidance Sessions

Before graduating, we provide our students with guidance and counselling sessions include CV writing, presentability, bookkeeping skills, entrepreneurship and financial management skills training (previously sponsored by Barclays bank).

Community Engagement Activities

Auro Foundation is committed to working with the local community and promoting a service culture in the school. We engage closely with the local leaders with activities such as:

Parents Teachers Association

This is a body which represents the interests of the parents to the school and where we take on the parents’ concerns and needs and also share the students’ progress to the parents. It is a very active body where the parents also do some local fundraising for school activities and are engaged in the development of the school.

Sports day

Run periodically, Auro Foundation organizes sports day where our students compete with other students from different neighbouring schools in Netball and football games. The sports day is a fun activity where members of the community come out and we celebrate the success and achievements of our students.

Community service

It is important for us that our students learn the value of service and giving back to the community. We organise days where students go to the local trading center and for example, clean up the area or, go to a local person’s house and help to complete an unfinished house/paint or participating in community celebrations. These activities are designed to teach students the value of putting service to others above themselves and creating the spirit of love.


At the end of every year, we aim to have a graduation ceremony where we celebrate with over 800 attendees and showcase to celebrate the success and achievements of our students and the completion of their tenure at the school.

Tree planting

We teach our students about environmental welfare and how to save and reuse. We encourage our students to take care of nature and when we can support tree planting excursions.

Medical camps

When possible, we provide pro-bono medical camp services for the community at the school. This includes, dental, pharmaceutical, optical and general medical support.

Extra-curricular activities

Music Dance & Drama

All of our students are involved in regular music, dance and drama activities. This promotes a team spirit at the school, supports mental health, and creates a fun and creative atmosphere for our students. Lessons are ongoing in acting, piano, voice singing, recorder, euphonium theory and guitar.


We support all of our students with core martial arts skills. This supports them with self-defense, physical health, personal discipline, spiritual development and strength.

Yoga, Meditation and Well Being

All our students are exposed to yoga, meditation and wellbeing classes. These promotes a holistic approach to education at the school, creating a meditative and healthy culture in all our activities.

Character Building Classes

Auro Foundation aims to address the pillars of good character through Net for Hope tailored character-building classes. This includes facilitated conversations around topics such as integrity, happiness, love and relationships. Sharing circles, combined with expert psychosocial support, helps students learn mental health practices, create a sense of community support and team spirit in Auro Foundation. We also have several guest speakers coming in from time to time to empower and educate our students on various topics e.g. health and hygiene, HIV and AIDS, work place professionalism, integrity and first aid.

Mathematics support

The JD Booster mathematic package is a series of eight activity workbooks that support students learn how mathematics can be applied in practical terms. The program supplements the standard teaching of the curriculum and provides our students with core skills that can support them in their career and future life.


Many of our students come to our school unable to read or write English. We support our students with basic english skills to ensure certification for job opportunities.

NOTE – all the above activities are funding dependent

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