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At Auro Foundation, our staff and teachers are life-changers. They not only teach, but provide stability, care, discipline, hope, and love to our students. Each child dealing with their own unique set of emotional and physical issues that very few of us will ever understand. Helping to sponsor a teacher at the Auro Foundation helps us enormously and has direct impact in the quality of education we can provide. Imagine where these staff would be without the daily influence of our teachers and staff? Help us support the team who do the real work. We CANNOT do this without them, or you.

We have 14 staff including 1Hairdressing teacher, 1 tailoring teacher, 1 Bricklaying and Concrete practice teacher, 1 carpentry teacher,1 catering and hotel management teacher, 1 business communication skills teacher, 1 taekwondo instructor, 1 MDDA instructor, 1 principal, 2 cooks and 3security guards taking care of our 200 students,

The Sponsor a Teacher program lasts for 1 year and we have 18 schemes available at £750.

Your sponsorship covers:

Your sponsorship covers:

The cost to sponsor a teacher is only £750 (GBP) for one entire academic year. You would be making a huge difference in someone’s life.

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