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Auro Technical School, Tororo, Eastern Uganda, Uganda
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The Auro Guild president

Ochieng Francis

“I am Ochieng Francis, from the BCP department and in my second year.

I have acquired many skills from the school especially when I was enrolled for internship at Dongsong Company in Tororo where I was given hands on practice and learnt how to lay both bricks and blocks, mould, plaster and how to take the measurements of a house.

When I joined Auro, I was green and fearful but after, I gained confidence and was soon elected as the school guild president two years. This has helped me create a strong friendship both with my teachers and my fellow students and hence, I recognise Auro Technical School as a powerful ladder for the development and unity.

As a qualified mason, I was able to earn school fees and have also built my own house at home leaving me as a changed person in the community. I have also received job opportunities with various companies like Tororo cement, Dongosong Company and Samori Company to mention but a few.”


Apio Victoria Majorine

“I am Apio Victoria Majorine from the hair dressing department and I appreciate the skills and knowledge I obtained in Auro technical school. Other than the skills acquired, through the theory and practical classes taught at Auro technical skills I have been able to succeed in standing out in the workplace from the character building classes offered. These lessons include; self-awareness, self-management and social awareness which have helped me have outstanding discipline as I interact at the work place.”


Amita Magadaline

“I am Amita Magadaline from the tailoring department. I was recommended to come to Auro technical school for its good teaching methods. Even though I was able to speak English, I couldn’t write it, however due to the dedication of the teachers at Auro technical school, I have acquired skills in tailoring and I am also able to write in English.”


Tabu John

“I am Tabu John from the carpentry department. I am happy to have studied at Auro technical school and acquire the skills to become a carpenter. From these skills I have been able to get a job that is helping to pay for my siblings’ school fees.”

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