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Sponsor a Student

Invest in empowering a student to become sustainable. AF is committed to serving young adults in skills in bricklaying, carpentry, hairdressing, tailoring and catering such that they can lives. We all need support and invite you to partner us to change the life of one student.        

Your Investment

The cost to sponsor a student is only £150(GBP) for one entire academic year.

Occasionally sponsors also send their student other gifts and letters on their birthdays and other occasions.

What your sponsorship covers

The annual sponsorship fee enables a student to receive the following during the school year:

For £150 you can sponsor a student for an entire year. You would be making a huge different to someone’s life.

Sponsorship also helps the local community by creating employment for teachers and other staff. Donations also help us provide assistance to under-privileged families in the surrounding rural areas when necessary.

There are over 200 students attending Auro Technical School for this year.

In return for your sponsorship, you will receive:

Many sponsors have visited the school to meet their children and volunteer their time as well.

Contact Us

For any inquiries relating to Whether you are a donations, volunteer or well wisher, Contact us with the details listed below

Office address:

Tororo, Eastern Uganda, Uganda

Call for help:

Uganda : +256 781 459 512
UK -: +44 208 123 1866

Mail for information: