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Mathematics Support- JD Booster

Mathematics support- JD Booster

Auro Foundation is working with Mr. Atul Jay Jobanputra, a U.K based educational consultant who created a program to enhance skills and develop confidence in mathematics of students.

The JD Booster package is a series of eight workbooks that cover how mathematics can be applied in practical terms. The program supplements the standard teaching of the DIT curriculum. The exercises, rather than being focused on specific topics, are all mixed which helps children learn when and how to apply the maths they learn in school – as well as providing constant reinforcement so nothing is forgotten.

Mr. Atul Jobanputra visited the Auro foundation and trained our teachers around how to deliver this curricula. JDB applies creative teaching method and is accompanied by unique modular workbooks that the students use during the classes.

The benefits extend way beyond the programme. Making sure students are strong in the fundamentals provides a firm foundation for success in the wider world beyond.